From our Clients


Kiri and Mike – Denver, CO


Danielle was the most calming, relate-able and organized long-distance wedding planner! At first I thought "I can totally plan my own wedding by myself it'll be fine!" but after a month of trying to figure out what I needed to do I realized I was in over my head. Danielle came in with a great set of questions for our first phone conversation so that she could get an idea of who we were as a couple and what we wanted out of this day. She put together a Pinterest board with super helpful suggestions for rings, decorations, invitations, etc. She found invitation discount codes and sales that she would send over periodically. She kept us on track with manageable tasks and certain deadlines (like find rings, organize flowers, etc). She helped us stay true to our goals for the day- we wanted a simple event that focused on people just being together. She took all of our ideas (like mismatching groomsmen suits) and helped us make them a reality! 

Most importantly she kept me sane for the last 2 months leading up to the wedding. We'd check in at least once a month and were speaking weekly during the last month and every time I came into the conversation thinking that everything was falling apart and she would calm me down, give me a couple of to-dos to check off the list, and make me realize that everything was going to be fine. She helped us get organized enough to not be overwhelmed and enjoy the day. 

I would highly recommend this service to any bride. It's nice to have someone on your team who can keep you on track and who is really committed to realizing your vision for your wedding day! 

Wedding planning and DIY

Melissa and Keith – Willow, AK

Danielle provided us with numerous ideas and suggestions leading up to our big day.  She was also invited to our wedding and helped us with on the spot choices and decisions we hadn't even thought about.

At our rehearsal dinner, she led everyone through how we should enter the space and line up/stand for the ceremony and walked us through the order of events for the day.

On the day of the wedding, she coordinated with our DJ/day of coordinator to make sure everything went smoothly.

I also ordered bulk flowers, thinking that I would put them together with my bridal party the night before, but it was half of the group's first time in town and we didn't quite manage. The day of the wedding I had tons of flowers, but no bouquets or centerpieces.  Enter: Danielle.  She put all of them together with minutes to spare, while helping to coordinate the other moving pieces of the day.  Keith and I were so grateful for her help during the process and on that day.