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Danielle Mundekis


I relocated to Pittsburgh from New York City to be with my husband Wayne. Shortly after I moved, we decided to knock down an old house with rotten bones and build a new one in its place. We decided to throw getting married into the equation too because: projects. Wayne works with his hands for a living, and I, with my eye for color, space and design haven’t picked up a tool since wood shop in elementary school, so needless to say it was all an adventure. 

I realized that in order to have the wedding of our dreams (Wayne was actually surprisingly opinionated), I’d have to create most of the elements myself – in part to stay on budget (the dreaded “B-word” in all things planning) and because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted already made. DIY projects became my life. It was about this same time that I realized this was also true of the home that Wayne and I were building together. 

Full disclosure: I got really overwhelmed several times throughout the process. I felt like there was no space where real people were doing the work with just the hands that belong to them and there wasn’t really anyone to talk to about my experience. 

There were tons of DIY blogs, but none that had a dual emphasis on home design and events. It was also super difficult to find anyone who could refer me to a service provider, or provide definitive advice, which left me doing so much time consuming research on my own.

While living these experiences, people began to hear about what I was doing and started reaching out to me for help, ideas and advice regarding their own weddings, interior design and home projects. I realized everyone could benefit from my experience and the information I can share and Porter & Vine was born!